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Technical R&DThe current position:Home-Technical R&D

The  wiring  harness  product  R&D  and  design  capacity  of  the Changchun  Zhengyang  Industrial  Co., Ltd. are at the leading level in China and the advanced level in the world.
        Our company’s Technology Center is divided into two departments: Product Department and Engineering Department. At
present, the two departments have teams of 20 who graduated from universities as graduate students and undergraduate students.
Project managers lead the teams in specialized R&D, design and tracking for each of new projects. Our R & D personnel can skillfully use AUTOCAD, UG, CATIA and other design software. We have the capacity of simultaneous development with the OEMs to
design whole vehicle wiring harnesses. Our company has a comprehensive range of laboratories for various required performance
tests of raw materials, product designs and development processes.
        According to actual needs, our company will occasionally send technical personnel to Japan, Germany and the United States for training and learning, where they will learn the world's advanced wiring harness product development philosophies and master
world-class standard of professional skills. At the same time, we have recruited excellent talents from wiring harness manufacturers
such as Delphi, YAZAKI, Lenny, and others famous enterprises in China to improve product development and design capabilities. We organize, once a year, a technology exchange activity with domestically and internationally renowned electronic and electrical
systems manufacturers to promote our company's technology innovation.