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Leaders of Lvyuan District inspected our company to guide our work

The author:admin Release time:2011-6-8

    On March 6, 2011, Party Secretary Chen Kexin of the District Committee of the CPC inspected our company to survey the business development situations. Accompanying him were Wang Ye, director of the district science and technology bureau, and
relevant leaders of the Economic Development Bureau of the West New Industrial Cluster. At the discussion meeting, General
Manager Liu Fengyue of our company gave Party Secretary Chen a briefing on our company’s development status, development
prospects of automotive wiring harness and future development trend. Party Secretary Chen began by praising Zhengyang Industrial for its huge achievements in the automotive support supply sector, and he hoped that or company would continue to optimize
management and strengthen the role of scientific and technological innovation in enterprise development. Party Secretary Chen asked about some actual problems faced by our company in expanding automotive wiring harness market shares and production capacity. He specifically stressed that, as an auto parts industrial park, the industrial cluster must attach importance to core auto parts
enterprises and offer them great support in terms of taxation, financing, etc.