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Zhengyang Industrial Co., Ltd. conferred by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions with the title of “Home to Model Workers”

The author:admin Release time:2011-6-8

    On November 17, 2010, the Changchun Federation of Trade Unions held a praising meeting in the meeting room on the second floor of its institutions for homes to model workers and model trade union leaders in Changchun to commend advanced entities and excellent individuals that had made outstanding contributions to the labor movement causes of the city over the past three years.
Thanks to the Changchun Zhengyang Industrial’s trade union organization’s positive role in coordinating  labor relations within the
enterprise with effective measures, actions and obvious effects, which was satisfactory to the Party and the administrative leaders
and to the staff and employees, give full play to grass-roots trade union organizations in the reform, development and stability of the overall situations, the Municipal Union awarded Zhengyang Industrial the title of home to model workers in Changchun.