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Chairwoman Lu Jingyu of our company has won the title of “Entrepreneur Pioneer of the 5th Group in Changchun”

The author:admin Release time:2011-6-8

     On December 15, 2009, the Changchun Committee of the CPC made a decision to honor role-model individuals in the 5th
group of “Entrepreneur Pioneers”, and Chairwoman Lu Jingyu of Zhengyang Industrial was on the list and won the honorary title of “Entrepreneur Pioneer” of the 5th Group in Changchun. This award is to publicize and commend those who make outstanding
contributions to the rapid social and economic development of Changchun. It is a full recognition of those who are innovative, bold in creation, and hardworking to strive for careers in economic development. Zhengyang Industrial has made outstanding achievements in the rapid development of the auto supporting sector and distinguished contributions to society, which is recognized by the
government and well received by customers, for it has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of a harmonious society and acceleration of the construction of old industrial bases in Changchun. Through thorough assessments, field trips, public notices and
screening panel approvals, the Changchun Committee of the CPC decided to commend Chairwoman Lu Jingyu as well as others and
called on cadres and the masses of the city to learn from them.